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Work-Related Injury

Getting injured on the job can be devastating in many ways. You immediately learn that dealing with a work-related injury can be an extremely complicated process. WestSound Orthopaedics in Silverdale Washington realizes the significance of providing quick care for work-related injuries, as well as providing in-house expertise in managing patient care.

WestSound Orthopaedics' occupational medicine specialist, Dr. Marc Suffis, has a long history of managing work-related injuries. He is an independent medical examiner with a background in emergency medicine, so he is able to quickly diagnose and treat work injuries and process workers' compensation claims correctly and efficiently. Our priority is to provide:

  • Quick access to evaluate and treat the patient injured at work via our L&I physician, PAs, and orthopaedic surgeons
  • A "one-stop" approach for comprehensive clinical care, using nationally recognized treatment protocols. For common problems such as chronic tendonitis, we offer advanced treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.
  • "One-stop" access to state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to quickly assess complexity of work injury
  • Timely documentation of medical and work status directly to employers and managed care representatives for efficient claims processing
  • Direct contact with employers to develop transitional work adjustments to minimize costs associated with lost work time

Common Areas of Pain

We are experts at treating pain and injuries including:

Have you been injured at work? Call WestSound Orthopaedics in Kitsap County, Washington at (360) 698-6630 or use our online appointment request form to make an appointment with Dr. Suffis, our work injury expert, today.

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